Client Testimonials

We Strive for Excellence: Our clients are delighted with our service delivery and quality projects!

Review #1:

“You have been an amazing support! You have championed our endeavors with this project. I celebrate and appreciate you for capturing all of the amazing moments on our tour and beyond!”
- Point and Drive Movie

Review #2:

“Thank you for capturing some great photos from today’s event with Russell Simmons!”
– United Way African American Partnership

Review #3:

“I highly recommend BowTie Photos, LLC for all of your photography needs; individual photo shoots as well as events. You’ll get professional service and fast delivery of your pics!”
- Ms. C. Price

Review #4:

“Thank you so much for the photos of my daughter’s Sweet 16 Party! They were beautiful!  I would highly recommend your services”
– Ms. M.J. Harper

Review #5:

“You take the best pictures! It’s always good to see you!  Your positive energy is infectious!”
– Mrs. C. Reed

Review #6:

“Thank you for these priceless memories! Your gift is truly one that keeps on giving!  You deliver the service special events deserve!”
– Ms. A. Todd